Will additional devices slow down the internet connection?

devices Having additional devices connected to broadband internet does not slow down internet speed. However, when more devices are transferring data over the internet WIFI speed does slow down.


This happens because the router can only transfer and manage a fixed amount of data per second and that data is shared with all users and devices.

If you plan to connect more devices to your broadband connection here are a few tips you can follow to speed up your data and connection.

As your devices increase you wonder how to improve your internet speed?

  • As your devices go up in number the first and foremost thing you should do is to check your internet speed. There are a number of online portals that check your internet speed and show you the details of download speed, upload speed and ping rate. Once you are clear about the above, you can then think about how to improve your internet speed.
  • The biggest reason for slow internet speed is an outdated modem. Consider upgrading to the latest broadband modem which offers you maximum speed and network security as well. An easy way to boost your internet speed is to place the modem at a centralised location in your home. Most people place their routers at one corner of the house and that leads to limited signal reach. In addition to the above you may also consider getting a WIFI signal extender that can help you increase the speed of your broadband internet.
  • Next thing you can do is scan for any potential viruses that may be slowing your broadband speed down. Sometimes malware and viruses can limit the power of your resources and slow your broadband speed down. Checking for viruses will definitely help improve your broadband internet connection’s speed.

Check for external interference

Today, most of us have iPhones, iPads, sound systems and at least one other form of electronic device around our broadband modems. By removing any electromagnetic interference caused due to the above devices you can truly speed up your internet connection.

Apart from the above if you still wonder how to boost your internet speed, simply plug in Wireless WIFI. However, it’s just a little bit slower than plugging into your modem, if you’re using your desktop then we definitely recommend plugging directly into the modem.