What are the five most common internet issues we all share?

Have you ever called to set up a new internet connection at your home and ended up with more questions than answers? You’re not alone. We spoke with two All connect customer service experts about the most common internet issues people face.


Here are the top five questions you always wanted to know but didn’t know where to ask.

Why does the provider’s website show I can get service, but when I call in (or try to order online), I’m told I can’t get internet service at my address?

This is one of the most common internet questions our experts get asked. Most internet service provider (ISP) websites will prompt you to enter your ZIP code or your address to verify that internet service is available in your area. However, that preliminary address check is typically searching results based on only your ZIP code. Why is this the case? It’s to make sure that you get a serviceability response as quickly as possible.

Allconnect sales professional Mauricio Cuadra has worked in the industry for seven years and knows the ins and outs of multiple ISP plans. “Allconnect partners with multiple internet providers in your area, so when you call in we are able to do a service check right down to your doorstep using our system to determine serviceability,” according to Cuadra.

The difference between the service check Cuadra helps you with versus an online check is the detailed response he is getting from his system, which will tell him accurate results on what internet plans, prices and speeds are available to your home. In turn, he helps his customers select the plan that works best for them based on their individual needs.

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Why is there so much legal mumbo-jumbo when I am placing my order?

Another common question Cuadra encounters regards the number of disclosures and legal information he must read to each of his customers. From credit checks to data caps, there are a number of key points you need to know.

Cuadra said, “This part of the process can be boring, but we want to make sure that as our customer we inform you of any important information in regards to your order, such as term agreement length, early termination fees, other fees, etc.”

Unlike when you order online, speaking with a professional over the phone can help clear up any questions about your plan before you commit. “We want to make sure you understand these things and address any concerns or questions before we ask for your permission to submit your order,” said Cuadra.

My salesperson said I was getting a dedicated connection, but what does that mean?

Sometimes, you may see or hear an internet-related term that you aren’t familiar with. One common phrase sales pros get asked about is “dedicated connection.” You will often hear this term describing fiber internet since this is one of the main differences between fiber-optic and coaxial cables.

We checked with sales professional Hector Aviles Mendez to get his take on this common internet question. His expertise in the field is backed up with over 10 years in the TV and ISP industry. ”Getting a dedicated connection means that unlike many other providers, you are getting your service through a cable that goes straight to your home and is not going to divide itself on the way with all of your other neighbors,” said Mendez. What does this mean for you? “By consequence, you will get a much more reliable connection for your internet,” said Mendez.

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Why does the website show pricing for $19.99, but the salesperson is recommending a faster, more expensive plan?

Whether you call to order internet service or order your internet online, you may get asked a few questions such as “how many devices do you connect to the internet?” and “what do you use the internet for?” Based on your answers to these questions, your representative (or the online cart) may recommend a different internet plan so that you can get the internet speed you need.

“Keep in mind, $19.99 is the price our internet services start at. But we consider all the things you and your family do online so we can make sure you experience the best connection possible,” said Mendez.

For example, a good internet speed for gaming is typically going to come at a premium versus a cheap internet plan. Other activities, such as working from home, or remote learning, may require an upgrade over the most basic advertised internet plans as well.

Why can’t I get the same internet that my neighbor has?

The answer to this internet problem is a little tricky. The ISP your neighbor uses versus the ISP you have access to can depend on several factors. The physical distance between homes or getting internet service at a newly-built home are just a couple of conditions that can affect your internet options.

For example, your neighbor’s home might be attached to yours in a metro area or more than a mile away in a rural area. That distance makes a difference when you’re talking about the internet lines available at each house. “Every address is a completely different story. Many times the way a specific home is located or built is going to determine the kind of connections the home gets,” said Mendez.