Our Look at the Top 2020 5G Technology Trends

With this new mobile technology finally going online, let’s take a closer look at the top 2020 5G trends. As the top wireless carriers expand their nascent networks, 2020 is poised to be the year of 5G. 5G smartphones are already on the market, will an iPhone 5G also arrive in the New Year?

Are a lack of network coverage and expensive smartphone options keeping you on the sidelines? Perhaps 4G LTE provides all the mobile Internet speed you need? What follows is our take on the 2020 5G trends.

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Expect More Adoption of 5G at Businesses Compared to Consumers

With its lower latency, 5G brings the promise to supercharge the Internet of Things throughout the business world. The manufacturing sector especially benefits from the IoT. So expect to see smaller 5G networks installed at facilities currently using a variety of smart devices.

By comparison, many predict the rollout of consumer 5G networks to be slower. Expect the near-gigabit Internet speeds of 5G using millimeter wave technology to be limited to large cities in 2020. Some pundits forecast around 100 million Americans to have 5G service by 2023.

5G’s Low Latency is More Impactful than its Fast Internet Speed

Related to that last trend, tech pundits anticipate 5G latency to be a bigger gamechanger than faster Internet speed. Tim Sherwood, vice president of business development at Tata Communications, comments on the impact of low latency.

“The real impact of 5G lies with latency. 5G is about reducing the latency associated with mobile connectivity to something that is, theoretically, very close to the speed of a human brain and human reaction times. With that type of almost instantaneous response available, you can start to experiment with using mobile networks for use cases, such as autonomous vehicles and robotic surgeries,” said Sherwood.

The iPhone 5G is Likely to be Released in 2020

While it’s not a sure thing, a 5G iPhone is likely to be released next year. Whether it hits the market in 2020, many feel this next-generation iPhone is a sign of consumer 5G becoming mainstream. Apple typically waits until a nascent market matures. Of course, the strategy makes sense with a 5G rollout.

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Tech market analysts predict Apple uses 5G as the centerpiece of a new iPhone line. It’s also reasonable to expect 5G compatible iPads to hit the market. If not in 2020, the following year is more likely for a supercharged iPad.

Stay tuned to Bandwidth Place throughout 2020 as we follow the expansion of 5G across the country. In addition to the most accurate speed test, we also provide insights on how consumer tech impacts your Internet enjoyment.