7 Tips for Effective Remote Team Working Processes

However, they are all united because they work towards accomplishing a common goal. Members of a remote team are brought together by telecommunication and information technologies. These technologies enable them communicate and accomplish their tasks effectively.


Remote teams have become popular as a result of increased competition, advancement in communication and information technologies, globalization and decentralization of the different work processes. Most organizations are adopting this working approach in order to leverage the available talent globally. This approach also encourages sharing of knowledge, reduce operation costs and allow organizations operate on 24/7 basis.

7 Tips for Effective Remote Team Working

The fact that members are not in the same location, here are some effective remote team working tips to follow.

1. Maintain stringent work targets and processes

One of the most important things is to make sure that the team members do not feel isolated when working remotely. To ensure this, there is a need to create strict work processes. There should be high quality check points, signoff procedures and daily targets that everyone must focus on. You should come up with contracts that ensure all the team members are committed and dedicated to everything they do. All the members must meet their daily and weekly targets to ensure all of them remain committed to the set goals.

2. Leverage technology to enhance trust

Trust is vital to success of any remote team working. The fact that team members do not meet face to face can affect the trust existing among them. You need to use technology that will enhance trust among all the team members in the most effective way. Video communication is one of the best ways all the members can get to know each other better and develop more trust. ezTalks Meetings is one of the best software that enables effective video conferencing and meeting among members of a remote team. It enables everyone to share information and progression they are making in their tasks. The software also allows the members to discuss various issues as if they are in the same office. ezTalks Meetings offers high audio and super video quality making all the remote team members feel closer and have a more personal communication.

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3. Assign each member a role to play

Some members of a remote working team might feel isolated if they do not have any role to play. To enhance virtual team working, each member must be assigned an important role they have to play. This is a great way to ensure that all team members develop ownership and feel motivated in helping the team accomplish all the set goals within the stipulated time frame.

4. Ensure all communication lines are open

Lack of effective communication is one of the major hindrances to success in most remote working team. There should be a well-structured communication system that ensures that all team members can communicate any time they want. You need to come up with a team culture in which all members feel free to communicate among themselves openly. Technology used in communication among the team members must be fully functional at all times. Effective communication enhances innovation and efficiency in the remote team.

5. Use the most advanced tools

Effective remote team working requires use of highly advanced tools. The tools are essential because they allow better organization of the team. You need to have all the tools that will not only enhance efficiency, but make everyone feel part of the team. Some of the most crucial tools include project management software, instant messaging platform, screen sharing software and others. To ensure effective meetings or video conferencing, ezTalks Meetings is the perfect tool for you to use.

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6. Encourage respect for diversity

There are a lot of differences that exist among members of a remote team. To enhance effectiveness, it is important to make sure that the diversity that exists among the members is respected. This is in terms of their cultural background, education level, difference in skills and experience, language among others. Regardless of the background of the team members, they need to treat each other equally. Respect for diversity makes the team stick together and works effectively towards the set goals. All members feel part of the team and remain motivated at all times.

7. Create a transparent environment

Despite that team members are not working in the same office space, transparency is key to success. It is vital you develop a highly transparent environment to ensure that all the team members work with a lot of enthusiasm. This is also a great way to boost trust and confidence within the remote team.