4 Interesting Makeup Tips For Dinner Dates And Dances

Makeup Tips There is always a reason why we girls would want to doll up and dress up. And no, it isn’t only about the occasion or the event we have been called too, but sometimes just because we want too. Whether you are hooked, booked and cooked for VDay or maybe single like most of us, we can make moments of magic happen amongst the sisters or solo- here are five playful yet sensual Valentine’s Day Makeup ideas to try out and have fun with.

Makeup Tips

Let’s Play With Some Drama – Beauty Looks For Valentine’s Day

We love drama and that is why the Valentines Day Makeup trend this time and keeping in mind that most events would be held this evening would be that of bold hues. Let’s look at some beauty looks for valentine’s day in deep reds, red berries, red wines, red-choco touches, dark eyes with scarlet shadow, playful luscious full lips that match every ensemble, deep kohl rimmed eyes, heavy mascara lashes should you decide to be au naturale and not wear false ones and well contoured eyebrows too. Warmer colors for the evening and night parties in reds, dark pinks, maroons and with a touch of shimmers and metallic tones makes Valentines Day Makeup dramatic.

Flushed Pinks On The Cheeks And The Lips

For most of us who would want to have a touch of flushed pinks for the cheeks and the lips, here’s an au naturale way to bring about that radiance. Look at soft baby pinks or dark matte peaches to stoke the zygomatic zone on the face- the cheekbones with Beauty Looks for Valentine’s Day. Keep your contouring basic- from the cheekbone to the temple zone in NG1 Kryolan supra shade. For the eyes, just the upper lids would have two strokes of dark kohl and the lower lash line should be shaded with a lighter colour pencil. Finally for the lips, we shall play with shimmery powder and lipstick. Mix and apply inside the liner and blend well to enhance the night makeup looks.

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Defined Winged Eyes

Pretty pinks for the eyelids (one of the sassiest Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial for dinner makeup) are a must this season, and since the colour compliments almost every hue and shade on the wheel, pink is a color basic to have. Start with a nude shade to wash the eyelids with, over which and on the mid section from the crease line to the end of the outer eye portion, you shall apply a dark shade of matte pink. For the mid section crease line to the inner section, you shall apply a shimmer pink light shade. Use an angle brush to blend the two and under the brow bone, use the lightest peach matte shadow to highlight the area, blending it into the crease line. Three strokes of dark kohl for the winged eyes are a must for the night makeup to shine out!

Makeup Tips1

Hot Red Lips And Powdery Eyes

Sultry and sexy would be this look, one of the easiest and well-adjustable Valentines Day Makeup looks would be with you flaunting your sassy self. Start by applying lip balm to the lips to make it soft and supple, and to blend the lipstick in well. Add a touch of white shimmer powder in the mid section of the lips and on the eyelids. Now use a dark red pencil to outline the lips, filling the inner portion with ruby red lipstick. Apply gloss over the same and let it set. For the eyes, maroons to caramel browns and reddish browns should be used. Darker on the outer corner of the eyes and the inner shades being light and shimmery; with the help of an angle brush, blend and leave- dark kohl with two strokes for the upper eyes only and that completes your makeup for valentines day.

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Golds And Pinks

Since it is the season of romance and the season of blossoms too, we thought of amalgamating the two to bring to you a scintillating yet minimally glamorized way to make V Day night a memorable one. This is a look that goes with everything and for all occasions since it isn’t too loud. Remember the rule here when applying eye shadow- warmer dark colors on the outside of the eye from the mid section; warmer light colours for the inner corner of the eyes from the mid section. Lightest pink for the eyebrow bone highlights, a darker shade for the mid section crease line to the outer section of the eye and light gold for the inner corner to the mid section of the eyes- blend with an angle brush and use just one stroke of very light brown eye shadow to shade the lash lines with sans kajal or kohl!